President – Heather Considine


~~Heather likes Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain. She is not into yoga.~~ This was my filler while I tried to figure out what to say about myself. Who doesn’t love this song?  And it reflects me in that I don’t take myself that seriously. Myself but everything else is taken very very serious….

I am a mother of two boys, Sean and Brennan. Sean is entering 5th grade and Brennan 3rd. I love watching them play flag football on the weekends other than that they will tell you I just love dragging them shopping the rest of the weekend. Not fun shopping mind you, Target, Home Depot, Safeway… the things I couldn’t do during the week.

As for me I work for a computer consulting company where I support a large hotel chain company’s webpage. In other words, I am a computer geek. Working from home affords me the ability to run into school and take care of things when I need to. The PTA affords me face to face conversations when I have been stuck in front of a computer and couldn’t get away. I am so thankful for the great friendships I have created after the meetings. Being a working mom I love that the PTA allows me to contribute to the school community outside of school hours.

This is my second year on the PTA; last year I was co-chair with Stacy Wright taking care of Family Activities which allowed me to participate in the dances (I promise they really aren’t that bad), the Holiday Make and Take, science night and Spring Fest. Working with Laurie Smarick and the rest of the team on Spring Fest was the highlight of my year. While it was stressful, crazy, nuts and exciting it was so worth it to see everyone come together and enjoy it as much as they did! I am hoping to continue that momentum into this year.

This year the three things the PTA is going to focus on are:

Growing our community. We live in a great town with a great school. How can we enable and enhance our time getting together, getting our kids together and giving them amazing experiences and memories?

Appreciating our New Market Elementary staff, teachers and students. Because at the end of the day, really isn’t this why we all do this?

School/Classroom Enhancement. What do the teachers and school need for their classroom to enhance our children’s education and experience?

I am excited about these efforts and the upcoming school year. The amazing PTA board (and they are all amazing) and I are going to work hard to get a lot done.

Besides just joining, we also ask that you consider getting INVOLVED, we could use a few minutes of your time, your skills, your opinion, but most importantly your support. A little will go a long way and you will certainly be appreciated.

Thank you for your support,

Heather Considine