Teacher Grants

New Market Elementary PTA: Every Child. One Voice.

New Market Elementary PTA: Every Child. One Voice.

2017 – 2018 New Market Elementary PTA Grant Application
The NMES PTA has allocated $5,000 in its budget to be distributed in the form of Staff grants for the
2017 – 2018 school year.
To promote education, nurture creativity and enthusiasm by awarding grants to teachers, specialists, administrators, and staff that will assist in providing unique learning and classroom experiences for students. Grant money may be used to fund programs or purchase materials which will benefit either large or small groups of NMES students in ways that enrich the educational, artistic, or social learning environment for which funds are not otherwise available.
In keeping with the funding goals of the PTA these granted funds will be used to create an innovative, informative, and safe school environment.
Grant Amounts:

You may apply for an individual grant or be part of a team/group grant, not both.

  • Individual Grants will be awarded in amounts up to $200.
  • Team/Group grants will be awarded in amounts up to $600.

Each individual or team member listed on the application must be a current NMES staff member and a current member of the NMES PTA. The cost for staff to join PTA is $5.00.

  • The first deadline for submitting an application is Friday 09/08/17. Applications may be left in the PTA mailbox, emailed to Amy Cheung (nmesptamoney@gmail.com) or submitted online.
  • All applicants will be notified of the status of their application after the monthly PTA meeting.
  • For grants that are awarded, the PTA will contact the staff member to arrange for purchases. Please provide detailed information in your grant application and projected costs. If purchases are not arranged in a timely manner all unused grant funds will be forfeited and placed back into the PTA budget. Receipts are required!
  • Grant applications will be accepted each month. Applications must be turned in by the lasst Friday of the month so that they can be presented and voted on by the PTA Board of Directors at their monthly meeting. Monthly meetings are on the first week of each month
  • Applications will be taken until May 2018 or until all of the funds allocated to grants has been fully used.
Applicants will be judged on:

    • Creative ways of learning
    • Number of students that will benefit
    • Diversity of the subject areas being awarded grants
    • Importance of the learning experience to the students involved
    • Instructional/educational purpose

Examples: classroom magazines, class book sets, classroom manipulatives, materials for hands on lessons, exercise balls for classroom seating, CD Players and audio books, guest speaker.

Items that are purchased with PTA Grant Money

    • Become the property of NMES and FCPS.
    • Are strictly for use by staff and students. These items are not for personal use.
    • May not be taken off of school property without the prior approval of NMES administration.
    • Purchased items that meet the school’s criteria for being registered in the NMES inventory must be registered with NMES Administration.

Please contact Amy (nmesptamoney@gmail.com) with any questions.


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