Cultural Arts

Our Cultural Arts program provides children with a variety of enriching experiences, from artists in residence to anti-bullying programs and even a school garden, courtesy of a Gladhill Grant.


Have you heard of the “A” Team? How about the Green Team?!  New Market
Elementary school’s newly formed Green Team had a ground breaking ceremony on
April 29th for their herb, vegetable and perennial garden. The garden club has
been formed by using funds granted to the school as part of the Gladhill
Endowment Fund for furthering agricultural education.

The Perennial & Herb Garden for New Market Elementary School will serve to teach
the children about the various herbs and perennials and their specific uses from
medicinal healing to cooking as well as the art of a beautiful garden. The
children will also learn about organic planting.
One of the very first things the students did after the soil was
prepared was to plant seeds as the Native Americans did – they called it “the
three sisters” referring to corn, beans and squash. A corn seed is planted in
the center, 6 bean seeds surround it, and squash seeds in all 4 corners. The
beans will grow up the stock and squash all around the corn.
Echinacea, sage, lavender, thyme and mint are some of the wonderful
herbs that will be planted as well and the students will learn their about
different attributes.
The school will join forces with Mealey’s Restaurant which is across
the street to work on the garden and Mealey’s will use the herbs and vegetables
in its restaurant. Mealey’s has also donated funds toward the project. A
post-harvest trip to Mealey’s will be planned for late summer for the children
and it will be fun for the students in the club to see how the herbs are used in
cooking! The restaurant will feature certain salads or dishes that use the
varying herbs and vegetables grown in the garden – the children will be very
excited to see the literal fruits of their labor!

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