President’s Corner – Back to school


I am sure that like my house, your house is a little nuts right now. As I write this there are only five days till the first day of school! Urgh, where did the summer go? Today, I printed out the school supply lists and looked at what I had and I what I still need. The list of what I need is long. There is so much going on this time of year it is hard to keep track.

This year we have so many new and exciting things we are working on. And I know, some of them are different, we have never done it that way….I get it, I ask that you bear with us and trust that we are trying to do great things for all at New Market Elementary from the staff, students, and you the parents who are the foundation of our community. Provide us feedback, let us know how we are doing, let us know what is working for your family and what isn’t. We will listen. Unless you make me cry and well that may just take me a minute.

This year we changed our membership, fifteen dollars a family. This gets you a school calendar magnet, a copy of the school directory, free admission to all the family activities events, discounts at SpringFest and much much more. Besides those great benefits, your voice adds to the collective voice we have as the New Market Elementary PTA, One Child One Voice. It means so much.

Bookmark our webpage, we are working really hard on it. This is going to be our key way to communicate with you this year. Our Public Relations chair, Scott Manning is working tirelessly to get things working as expected. He has created a PTA Membership form where you can join the PTA on line. No paperwork to fill out, and we take PayPal. We can even send you a text to remind you about The Harvest Dance or as I like to call it the Not So Bad Dance.

Speaking of Family Activities our first event will be an outdoor movie! September 25th. You will want to grab some lawn chairs and the family and come on out. I think we are showing Home but more details to follow.

I can’t tell you how excited and stressed I am for the year to start. I am sure I am not alone. Please come see me and all of our amazing PTA board members at the Open House August 21st and both back to school nights September 1st and 2nd. Check out our calender. We will have name tags with music lyrics we choose as a reflection of us….a great ice breaker. I will give you a hint…. I am a huge Billy Joel fan.

See you then!


P.S. If you haven’t had a chance or didn’t know, I wrote a BIO. If nothing else it will give you a great idea of what we will be focused on this year. Please come and read it!

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